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Local brands in Malaysia

Choosing local brands over the high end international brands not only favours affordability but instills a sense of pride. When it is about casual clothing, it is always wise to go for local brands because they are designed to suit the country’s weather, style preference and choice of a more focused customer – You. Embracing locality means who don’t have to wait much for the delivery to arrive and there are chances of getting quick returns and exchanges without much tiring procedure to contact the online stores. There are a number of local brands that offers quality that can nearly match the popular hyped brands in the market like Zalora, Fashion Valet, Lazada, ASOS, Adidas, Chanel, Nike, Burberry, H&M, and Doublewoot. From limited edition styles, favorite pair of jeans and tops to fashion accessories like bags, jewelries, sunglasses to glam up the look, local brands have all that you need for the basic casual and semi-formal attires. You can’t make up your mind if you didn’t explore a couple of brands before making a final move. Stores like Zalora and Lazada are there to help you with so many brands at one place. Explore local and international fashion at great price and value.

Casual fashion trends 2017

When it comes to staying updated about what’s in and what’s out, people usually look up to their favourite celebrities for help. From the entries at the red carpet to appearances at the press and media, they are an epitome of the latest fashion wear and accessories for their followers. But when it comes to everyday casual dressing, people like to have their own way with the popular trends. With a number of different styles trending at the same time, it gives the freedom of choosing something that fits your taste, comfort and what your body type can own well. 2016 has been more like a year of street wear and accessories but 2017 is about going all hippie dippy. Denim doesn’t even needs a mention if you breathe casual dressing. From cropped jeans, denim jackets and shirts to cute shorts and skirts, they all deserve a special place in your wardrobe. To each their own, this year is all about being comfortable in your own style. From skinny fit dressing with cool wedges and sling bags from one of the brands at Zalora to loose blouses and Hawaiian sandals from Yoox, fashion will follow you home with each pick. For men who love to dress in fit, body tugging clothing, this year has brought all amazing styles of cropped bottoms and tops plus a trending new concept of male rompers and flip flops. While some love to try out new daring fashion wear, others like to stick with the conventional ripped jeans and Tees that are surely never running out of the game.

Cheap but elegant wedding gowns

Wedding is something that a girl dreams to be as magical and enchanting as the happy ending of a fairy-tale. You cannot miss the chance of getting all dolled up in a precious lacy gown like a princess in a ball, when the big day finally arrives. A perfect wedding gown is the one that compliments the embellishments at the wedding and works well for the bride’s body type. Some brides show concerns about material and types of stitches while some don’t want to add anything that will make it heavy for them to carry. Everyone wants their wedding gowns to captivate the attention of the guests for them but in a way that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. Investing a fortune in a wedding gown isn’t always a good option when there are so many stores that provide beautiful pieces at lower prices. Whether you dream of a silk clad wedding gown, a slim waist mermaid chiffon gown or a simple and elegant white net gown, they are available at a price you will love. It might be cheaper than the gowns by famous labels, but the quality will make you recommend them for the wedding of one of your bridesmaid.

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